Q. Why Christian Education at Brilliant Minds?

Parents send their children to BMCAT for many different reasons. Among them are:

  • Individualized lesson plans, teaching for the child not the test
  • Protection from bad influences
  • Making lifelong Christian friends
  • Strong academics
  • Rewarding positive behavior
  • Teachers who care about the whole child – intellectually, spiritually and emotionally
  • Home, church and school all work together to present students with Christ centred learning and growth

Q. What is your application deadline?
A. The deadline to submit an application is August 1, 2017.  We are participating in the Step Up Scholarship program and that deadline is May 1st through the State of Florida.

Q. How many spaces are available for new students?
A. . We are currently enrolling in every grade however several classes are almost at capcacity.  We have opened a second classroom for Kindergarten age children to accomedate the additional enrollment.  When a class reaches capacity we will start a wait list that will go in order of registration date. 

Q. When will you offer more grades?
A. We will offer K-5th grade during the 2017/2018 school year.  Our middle school building will be completed in May 2018 with enrollment starting in spring for the 2018/2019 school year.

Q. When will students move to the new building?
A. Our K-5th building will open in June of 2017.  We will have our annual spring carnival to celebrate!  Exact date to be announced soon.


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