The technology program at Brilliant Minds Christian Academy of Technology is a vibrant community of educators and technologists dedicated to sharing and discovering ways for students and teachers to use technology to enhance the academic achievement, build collaborative learning communities, and actively engage 21st-century student minds.

BMCAT’s investment in classroom technology is based on diligent research and proven academic returns. For instance, the decision to implement digital whiteboards in our classrooms was predicated on a world-renowned study by the Marzano Research Laboratory. This study, which was conducted at 50 schools across the nation, has proven conclusively that integrating the right mix of technology and faculty training can positively impact student achievement by an average of 17 percentage points in standardized testing.

We think of the equipment and software as the nouns of classroom technology, but they are not the magic of change in instruction. Those things are verbs: collaboration, learning, and engagement. When you combine the right mix of technology nouns and verbs with the magic of an experienced, passionate teacher, it is truly breathtaking.

Interactive Whiteboards

At BMCAT, interactive whiteboards are transforming classrooms into exciting, welcoming environments where students are granted the freedom to learn like they think. Interactive whiteboards enable anything that can be seen or done on a computer screen to be projected onto a whiteboard. Sounds simple enough, but seeing it (and our students) in action is nothing short of astonishing.

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